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With over 20 expreienced engineers as well as FAE in Taiwan H/Q, as a high-tech company specializing in developing and providing low-power consumption wireless products. Ever since, WLINK committed itself to developing new products, nurturing talents, establishing a worldwide information architecture that covers the global market, and providing solutions to manufacturers for simplify product development process, shorten product development period, and reducing product development expenditure. According to the productive research and collective efforts by a number of senior software and hardware engineers, WLINK has developed more than 50 kinds of Bluetooth applications (including Bluetooth earphones, speakers, audio, keyboards, car-borne speakers, and medical systems). In recent year, WLINK established a partnership with world's leading wireless communication developer - Microchip and Microchip, becoming their designated cooperative partner in the mainland China, and winning authorization to build on the Microchip, Microchip's chip to research, develop, and market Bluetooth wireless products and modules. Through our sustained efforts and with the support of Microchip and Microchip, our products have adopted by many world-renowned businesses, such as Toshiba, Sony, Panasonic, and Canon, etc.

For future life subject to the better wireless connection, WLINK is doing our utmost in contributing our service as well as fine solutions in Bluetooth and related wireless technology in industry . CONTACT US:

Website: www.wlink-co.com

China Contact: TEL: 1382-8759169 Mail: Bell.wang@wlink-co.com WLink On Line Service QQ: 94070229

Taiwan Contact: TEL: +886-3-4811534(rep.) Mail: daniel@wlink-co.com

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