Bluetooth 4.0 BLE Module

Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy wireless module

* Frequency bands: 2400MHz to 2483.5MHz

* 1Mbps on air data rate

* Slave and Master mode operation

* Support up to 8 simultaneous links in master mode

Integrated 32-bit Cortex-M0 MCU with

* 64KB system memory

* 64/128KB flash

Ultra Low Power Consumption

* 2uA deep sleep mode

* 3uA sleep mode(32KHz RC OSC on)

* DC-DC mode

* 8.9mA RX current at 3V

* 8.8mA TX current @0dBm Tx power at 3V

* Non DC-DC mode

* 13.6mA RX current at 3V

* 13.3mA TX current@0dBm Tx power at 3V

* Integrated DC-DC converter and LDO

* Signal 2.4V~3.6V power supply

High Performance

* -95dBm RX sensitivity (Non DC-DC mode)

* -93dBm RX sensitivity (DC-DC mode)

* Tx power from -20dBm to 4dBm

* Excellent link budget up to 99dB

Complete Protocol Stack and Profile

* Bluetooth v4.0 host stack including L2CAP, SMP, ATT, GATT, GAP

* Qualified application profiles and services

* Controller subsystem QDID: B021031

* Host stack subsystem QDID: B021098

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