Bluetooth 4.0 Host Module

Bluetooth 4.0 Host Module
A:  Bluetooth 4.0+EDR compliant                           
B:  Class 1 capable with built-in PA                                     
C:  Programmable output power control meets Class 1, Class 2, or Class 3 requirements
D:  Use supply voltages up to 5.5V
E:  Supports Broadcom SmartAudio, wide-band speech, SBC codec, and packet loss concealment.
F:  Fractional-N synthesizer supports frequency references from 12 MHz to 52 MHz
G:  Automatic frequency detection for standard crystal and TCXO values when an external 32.768 kHz reference clock is provided.
H:  Ultra-low power consumption
I:  Supports serial flash interfaces
J:  ARM7TDMI-S based microprocessor with integrated ROM and RAM
k:  Supports mobile and PC applications without external memory
L: USB Dongle and small module(4.85mm*6.15mm) support.

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